Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
December, 2003
Spiral coils, spiral shells, spiral staircases, spirals in the heart of all our cells (RNA, DNA), and spirals in our movement. We initiate our spirals when we turn, when we reach, when we walk. Even when standing at rest, our bodies show the direction of our spiral pattern. Is our right shoulder a bit forward, our right hip a bit behind?

A spiral is a marvel of movement potential. It carries flexibility strength, and memory within its coils. It allows efficient, smooth movement when the coils are balanced well. If our coils are disturbed, we feel the strain. If the disturbance is great enough, we become the Slinky that can’t “walk” down the stairs.

Our difficulties largely come from repetitive movement and from held postures. We work that computer mouse with our right hand for hours. We keep our heads turned to talk on the phone. At a gym, we favor exercises and stretches that are easiest to do. We unwittingly reinforce imbalances in our spiral.

Freeing Our Spirals

 Exercise mindfully. Consider consulting with an exercise physiologist or physical therapist to understand what areas need to be strengthened and/or stretched.

 Receive massage therapy to release tightened areas.

 Periodically during the day, stretch the areas that tend to tighten.

 Go for happy walks, walks where arms swing freely, eyes are soft, and feet know the feel of the earth.
© 2004, Dee Hiatt
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