Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
Posture Tips
February, 2002
Tip #1

 Stand with your arms at your sides.

 Notice your posture.

 Now place one hand behind you, resting it on the shelf of your low back/ sacrum.

 Notice how easily you come into alignment.

This is a position fencers sometimes use in their elegant sport. Try it out when you are working one-handed or standing around for a time.

Tip #2

 Stand in front of a counter, hands resting lightly on the counter.

 Notice your posture.

 Prop one foot up on a stool

 Notice how easy it is to stand in alignment.

A stool is a handy aid for preventing aching backs, shoulders and necks if you have to stand for prolonged times at work, in the kitchen. Alternate which foot is on the stool.

Tip #3

 Sit normally in a firm chair. Notice your height level.

 Now let your tailbone slouch under you. Notice your height.

 Come back to neutral. Now slowly arch your back. Your navel will move forward. Notice your height.

 Repeat, finding the position of your pelvis where you sit the tallest. That is its best position for sitting.

You can do the same test when you are standing. Whether you are sitting or standing, let your pelvis guide you to an easy high and a more balanced posture.
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