Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
The Perfect Gift
December, 2000
Before Christmas a few years ago, I got a concerned call from my mother. ďYou didnít send me a nativity set by any chance, did you? One came in the mail. It didnít have any card with it so I donít know who sent it. Itís white Lenox china, exactly what Iíve been wanting for ages. Who could know that? I have to thank whoever sent it. I just canít think who could it be. Do you have any idea? I know it didnít come from your sisters or my sisters. Iím so embarrassed. You should see the set; itís beautiful.Ē

A week later a sheepish mother called again. She said she had discovered who had sent the perfect gift. She hesitated and then blurted that she had ordered the set for herself from a catalog two months ago and didnít remember until the invoice arrived. No wonder it was just what she wanted. We laughed ourselves silly.

My mother made a mistakeÖor did she? She got her gift by giving it to herself. Thatís a neat idea. Hmm, if I copied her, I wonder what I would give to me. I can almost hear me say, ďThank you. This is just what I wanted. How did you know?Ē

And you? What would you give to you?
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