Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
One Leg or Two?
Summer, 2004
How would we like to have only one leg to stand on? Silly question, isnít it?

Balance is easier to maintain when we have two working legs under us, whether we are standing or sitting. For one thing, thereís less tension in the back muscles.

Yet time and again I see people (myself included) forget that they have two separate legs. They stand with their feet so close to each other that they have, in effect, one large leg. They sit with their knees so glued together that they have a single combined leg. They sit with legs crossed so that only one leg reaches all the way to the ground.

I see more women than men forget to use both legs. Is this a cultural phenomenon? If so, whatís the purpose? Style? Modesty? Women often wear pants and they are likely to do work that could use both legs. Women and men deserve encouragement to use both their legs.

If we would all remember to stand or sit with equal weight on both legs that are hip-width apart, we would feel stronger and more capable of reaching, bending, twisting.

Note: It takes more effort to keep legs together when we sit than it does to cross them. Crossing them locks them together so that our leg muscles are not working as hard. But our backs are still having to work overtime to keep us in balance as we reach, bend, and twist.

It seems wasteful and silly not to make good use of both our legs. They were made for us to use.
© 2004, Dee Hiatt
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