Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
Murky Waters of the Mind
Summer, 2004
Perhaps you can help me with this: I canít figure out why I often forget to do what I need to do to keep healthy. I mean I can manage for a while but then I completely veer away. When my right knee bothers me, for instance, I pull out my special exercises, vowing Iím going to do them every day even when my knee feels better. After all, they take but a few minutes and not only help my knee but the rest of me feels better, too.

Guess what happens when my knee feels better? I come up with one excuse after another, one delay after another and the exercises go by the way.

You know what? Iím at the age when forgetting to take care of myself is really asking for trouble. I must think I can get away with it.

I know about eating well, getting enough sleep, exercising, putting breathing spaces in my day. Just ask me. I can devise a fine, realistic schedule, one I truly enjoy doing...until something interrupts it. Then, poof, itís gone. Whereís my discipline?

What do you do that works for you?

When two of my regular clients added exercise routines to their lives, they felt noticeably better, much better than with massage therapy alone. One client has been going to a program at a gym and the other to a personal trainer. Both say they couldnít make themselves exercise consistently on their own. I can definitely tell the differences in their tissue.

Okay, itís time to go for a walk right now before...oh-oh, look at the time. Maybe Iíll just do my knee exercises... right now.
© 2004, Dee Hiatt
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