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Looking for Answers
August, 2001
It took 14 years and a couple of doctors to figure out what was causing me episodes of tiredness, fuzzy thinking, clumsiness, headaches. The answer was an autoimmune low thyroid condition, the same as my motherís. Meditation, nutrition, exercise, massage, rest, and job changes had helped me cope to a degree. But what I really needed was the proper testing and then medication.

It took six years of discomfort and more specialists than I can almost count (nine) to discover that had I loose fragments plus torn cartilege in my hip joint. Once again all sorts of therapies were tried, including massage, with limited success. What I really needed and just received was arthroscopic surgery to remove the fragments and repair the tear. (Note, July, 2004: The repair work helped but was not enough. Since my other hip was also deteriorating, the surgeon and I decided on double hip replacements in June of 2002.)

This is what I have to suggest when a solution to troubling symptoms is not easily found:

 Study your symptoms. Know the patterns. You have access to valuable information by studying yourself.

 Gather additional information by reading, by talking to friends and acquaintances, and by listening to their stories.

 Question the role of physical and emotional stress in your life but donít automatically assume that this stress is the primary cause of your problem.

 Whatever treatment you are trying, give it a chance to work. If it isnít helping, look elsewhere.

 Seek second, third, fourth opinions from physicians and other caregivers. Be kind while being persistent with your caregivers. Some conditions are difficult to diagnose and treat. Some may even be impossible to resolve.

 Be kind to yourself. Rest well. Eat well. Look for ways to ease and please yourself, knowing that there is more to your life than your health problems.

 Know that you are worth the search for solutions. You owe it to yourself to find what answers there areÖeven if it takes more than 14 years.
© 2004, Dee Hiatt
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