Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
Massage Teaching Lessons
December, 1999
I recently taught a three-part class on massage as part of the continuing education program for the town of Stratford.

This is what I learned:

 We all know massage on some level.

 We have all been babies who have been held and soothed.

 Those of us who have been around babies, small children, and furry pets have held and soothed them.

 We have given and received plenty of back rubs.

 We have held hands with friends.

 We have reached to massage our aching backs or shoulders or feet or heads.

 We have rubbed our hands together for warmth.

 We know more than we think about massage.

We can tap into what we know when we are relaxed, when we remember our breath, and when we remember to listen with sensitivity.

We give feedback to ourselves when we massage a tender area (a little more pressure here, a little less there, thatís the right spot). We have the same ability to receive feedback and make adjustments when massaging others. All we have to do is invite them to tell us. Surprise. They can speak and so can we. Thereís no need to guess. No one knows better than the person we are touching what he or she is feeling, just as no one knows better than we do what we are experiencing when we are touched.

The most commonly appreciated areas to massage on others are shoulders, back, hands, feet, and head. No arguments there.

The trick is to for us to take care of ourselves when we are giving a massage. That means learning how to avoid overworking our own muscles, knowing how to shift into comfortable positions and learning how to receive at the same time we are giving. That means extending to ourselves the same sensitivity we extend to the ones we are massaging.

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the class, seeing the quickness with which the participants learned and the kindness of their touch.
© 2004, Dee Hiatt
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