Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
Langerís Lines
February, 2000
Iím in love with Langerís lines. These are natural creases in the connective tissue or fascia that wraps the entire surface of the body like a tight elastic body stocking.

When massage stretches the fascia along Langerís lines, a release, called myofascial release, is often provided for the fascia and for muscle tissues it encloses. A client described the sensation as being let out of prison.

The myofascial release techniques Iíve recently learned have come from an excellent workshop given by George Kousaleos, founder of the CORE Institute in Florida. Iíll be studying further with him in a more extensive workshop in the late spring.

I enjoy myofascial release. Itís deep, satisfying, and relaxing to give and to receive. It uses small but effective amounts of wonderful smelling cocoa butter. It warms me just to think of it.

Incidentally, if surgical incisions are made parallel to Langerís lines, a much smaller scar develops (Taborís Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary).
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