Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
Hand on Myself
August, 2001
I don’t know about you but I get real impatient when I’m giving myself a massage. I’m likely to press hard on that knot on the top of my shoulder near my neck. It feels good to press on the hurt but it doesn’t feel much better when I let go. Duh! I know better. I can’t make that knot relax by “shouting” at it. I have to gentle it.

Here is what I tell myself to do:

 Greet an area tenderly. A massage teacher once told that my hurting leg needed a lot of loving. I stopped thinking "bad leg". The areas that have been working hard deserve appreciative handling.

 Explore gently, finding areas where fibers can be eased apart.

 Allow time but if time is short, still work slowly.

 Breathe into the area being massaged.

 If there’s a particularly tender spot, slowly and moderately press into it with finger or thumb. Hold the pressure while taking a deep breath in and a slow breath out. Often with the exhalation, the tissue will soften – as long as no one is trying to dynamite it.
© 2004, Dee Hiatt
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