Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
Spring, 2003
Gil is a Japanese fighting fish purchased with pride by my brother-in-law. Gil lives alone in his bowl (he tends to eat other fish) in a place of honor near the kitchen table. He is not my sisterís favorite animal.

But when my sister noticed Gilís murky water, she decided to take pity on him. She was exchanging the water at the sink when feisty Gil jumped ship, slipping down the garbage disposal drain. My sister frantically tried to scoop him out without slicing him on the disposal blades. The wiggling Gil made rescuing him impossible. And then he was quiet. My sister couldnít bring herself to run the disposal.

In a panic, she phoned a friend to ask what to do. The answer: hurry to the pet store before it closes and buy another fish. Thatís what she did, thinking that her husband wouldnít notice the switch. But when he arrived home, she couldnít stand the suspense. She blurted out the awful truth. My brother-in-law rushed to the sink, reached into the drain and, gracious, the old Gil jumped right into his hand!

Now there are two fish swimming in separate bowls in the kitchen.

Note: Apparently this type of fish can survive out of water for a good length of time. I think Iíll change my name to Gil.
© 2004, Dee Hiatt
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