Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
The Form of Fascia
Spring, 2003
Fascia is the body stocking made of connective tissue that molds itself to your body’s shape, reaching in and around your tissues, going deep into your core. It holds you together. If you’ve ever cut a grapefruit in half and noticed the webbing that goes around the whole, forms the sections and then surrounds the smaller segments, you’ll have a notion of how fascia is an integral part of the human body.

Fascia adapts to fit you. It can shrink and it can stretch, although the stretching ability is less in later adult years. If your normal posture is a slouch, your fascia will gradually settle around you, making it harder for you to stand straight. Restrictions in your fascia increase your risk of injury.

Fascia needs movement and warmth in order to remain a soft glue rather than cement.

Note: Fascia responds well to massage therapy.

Suggestions for Healthy Fascia

 Move, move, move.

 Periodically stretch the opposite way from the way you have been standing or sitting or lying. There was a factory in Japan that increased its productivity by instituting a yawn and stretch break every hour for the assembly line workers.

 Enjoy a warm shower or bath if you are feeling stiff.

 Find a regular exercise to do that encourages good posture and flexibility. How about yoga?
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