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  Easy Does It
December, 2002
Iíve gotten attached to listening to books on tape as I drive. I notice when I read a book, I tend to read quickly, anxious to find out what is going to happen. When I listen to a story, however, I go at the pace of the recorded voice. I hear more of what the book has to say.

A client mentioned her habit of being rushed whenever she drove her car. She always seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere and when she got there, she was rattled. She made a promise to herself to allow extra time for every trip. She said she drives more safely, derives more pleasure from the trip, and feels much less frazzled.

A woman who used to zip through art museums, spending at least as much time reading the information blurb at the side of the painting as actually looking at the art, decided to select one painting and look at it for one hour. She was astonished at what she learned about the painting and about herself. She has since slowed her way of seeing, taking in more, reflecting more.

Rushing usually brings tightened muscles, shallow breathing, increased tiredness, decreased effectiveness and, alas, increased risk of injury.

What to do?

 Seriously consider doing less. Who would notice or truly care if you do less (especially if you are less rushed)? A friend told me that she has low standards in housekeeping and she works hard to maintain them.

 Take breathing breaks. Allow your exhalations to be slow, long and gentle in order to release unproductive tensions.

 Make sure you sleep enough. Thereís the lion, resting in the sun, that awakens, stretches and bounds off with lion intelligence and speed. Take a nap when youíre tired, you glorious lion. Author Niles Newton warns people not to make any major decisions until they have had three nights of full sleep. (One is not sufficient.)

 At least every day go outside for a walk or a breath or a view even if it takes you longer to prepare than you are able to spend outdoors. The skyís high ceiling can lift your spirits and restore your perspective.

 Receive a massage. Honor your body and experience the calmness that comes when you take care of your whole self.
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