Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
Distress Me Not
February, 2002
We could not survive without stress. It’s distress that breaks us. Stress calls for us to think and move and push into new territory. Without it we would have little substance.

We tend to shift between these areas:

Area of comfort
(little to no change)

Area of stress
(learning potential)

Area of distress
(possibility of damage)

Each area has gradations. The area of comfort begins with being zoned out, mindlessly numb. As alertness increases, the area of stress is approached.

The area of stress calls for working, thinking, and expanding abilities. The deeper into the area of stress, the greater is the learning potential.

But crossing over the line into the area of distress, brings fragmentation and increasing tiredness. The longer the stay in this area, the greater is the need to take refuge by zoning out.

A life of being alternately stressed out and zoned out takes its toll. It is better to cultivate living in the middle area. Here awareness most easily thrives. Acceptance of what is known becomes more possible. The ability to make adjustments increases.

Growing involves stress. Think of the flower that pushes its way up through the ground and into the air to become its mature self.

Stress is our friend. It is the maze we live and love in. It holds us together. It builds healthy bodies. The astronauts who spend months in space without the stress of gravity experience serious health problems.

But distress…now that’s a different story.
© 2004, Dee Hiatt
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