Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
Dem Feet
December, 2000
Precious feet. We stand on them, walk on them, kick with them, dance on them, sit on them, jump on them. We pack them into socks, shoes of all kinds, boots, skates, skis. We rely on them for balance and for travel. We pretty much ignore them unless they hurt and then we’re likely to be impatient with them. Poor feet. They have sensitive soles. They deserve a massage!

To massage your own or another person’s feet:

Select a quiet time and location. Find a comfortable position.

Keep the feet warm during the massage. You might need to cover one foot while you work with the other.

If you wish, start by washing both feet lovingly.

Using a small amount of lotion, begin to explore slowly all the surfaces of one foot, top and bottom, all the nooks and crannies.

Use moderate pressure to avoid tickling.

Sometimes use your whole hand and sometimes your fingers or thumb while supporting the foot with your other hand.

Move slowly, taking your time.

Consider rotating each toe gently and then pulling it carefully; rotating the ankle slowly one way then the other; bending the foot slowly up, then down. Notice how pliable the foot is, how many parts move.

When you and the foot are finished, hold the foot a moment in appreciation and move to its partner.
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