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To The Core
July, 2000
This spring I was fortunate to study once again with George Kousaleos, founder of the CORE Institute in Florida. Based on my experience with his myofascial release class last December, I immediately signed up for the next two myofascial workshops he was offering in our fair state at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy.

I certainly was not disappointed. Not only did I learn how to give more advanced techniques but I was able to receive in the practice sessions. I was very pleased at what I experienced after receiving. I felt looser, lighter, longer and smoother. I could move with greater ease. And I had a better sense how to keep my body feeling this way.

If you have received massage from me recently, you have likely experienced some of the CORE work and you know what Iím talking about. I would like to encourage you to try a full session. It takes almost two hours. One side of your body is worked completely before going to the second side. This allows you to notice differences between each of your sides. The concluding part of the massage is just lovely. Itís well worth your time to experience this full session.

You donít need the full session each time. Once you know how your various parts respond, you will be better able to ask for what needs attention in a shorter session.

The CORE myofascial release massage techniques were originally designed to help maintain the effects of 10 sessions of CORE intensive body alignment. The techniques have been so well received that they have merit by themselves. They warm, stretch and loosen the fascia, the connective tissue that covers and separates muscles. The work is deep, comfortable and satisfying. Usually a small amount of pleasant-smelling cocoa butter is used as a lubricant.

Iím happy with the results when I give (and when I receive). I am pleased to be able to do the work and have you experience it.
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