Massage Therapy  with Dee Hiatt, 
A Place to Breathe
Spring, 2003
Yikes, Look at the time. Iím feeling rushed. So much to do. So little time. Or so it seems.

Then thereís yoga. The stretching and strengthening feel wonderful. Add the breath work and time opens for me. My mind calms. My unnecessary tension melts. I am deliciously simple.

My Tuesday yoga instructor says his yoga is not about working out; itís about working in. One day as he led the class, I was trying hard to make a picture perfect pose. ďNow, soften your attitude,Ē he said. A weight lifted from me. I was filled with relief and kindness.

Iíve had plenty of non-yoga occasions since then to whisper to myself to soften my attitude. I feel the same relief and kindness.

Neither my Monday nor my Tuesday yoga instructor is interested in producing the body beautiful. They teach balance and awareness and an ability to live fully in oneís aging body. They breathe magnificently.
© 2004, Dee Hiatt
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